Removing Links in the Portobello Watch Band for Apple Watch


The watch band adjustment tool in this picture is just for reference


The links in the Portobello apple watch band are adjustable to fit wrists of different sizes by removing the links either side of the buckle.

Follow this instruction guide to help guide you through the steps.


Step 1

Firstly, prepare the watch band adjustment link tool and watch band.



Step 2

One side of the link pin is a little smaller than the other side of the pinhead. Look for an indented small hole on the side of the apple watch band. The opposite side would sit flush. We will be pushing the link pin out from this smaller pinhead side, that appears to sit slightly indented. Avoid removing links that hold the clasp in place.


Step 3

Line up the watch band adjustment tool pin to sit in line with the indented side of the link pin in the Portobello apple watch band i.e. pointing in the same movement direction. Once aligned, turn the head on the tool clockwise until it pushes the watch band link pin out on the other side. If still slightly attached, pull the remainder of the link pin out with your hands.

Step 4

Once the watch band link pin is loosened, you can remove it and the links it was holding together. Do this to as many of the links as you require, in order for it to fit your wrist size. Be sure to even out the removal of links on either side of the clasp. For instance, if you need to remove 3 links in total, then remove 2 links from one side of the clasp and the the 3rd link from the other side of the clasp.  


Step 5

To re-assemble the links, identify the widest part of the link pinhead. You will be re-inserting the link pinhead from this wider end. Before inserting the pin head into the watch band link holes, you also need to identify the side of the band where the pinhead sits flush against the watch band (i.e. the opposite side to which you initially removed the link). Align the links of the watch band and insert the link pin, initially, with your hands to hold the pieces together. Then using the watch band adjustment tool, align the head of the link pin to push it in until it sits flush.

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