How to Install a New Apple Watch Band

Before we begin, you'll need to find out which size Apple Watch you have as this will determine what size band you will need. Note that bands for 38mm and 40mm devices are compatible with each other, and bands for the 42mm and 44mm devices are compatible with each other.



To begin, locate the release button located on the rear of your Apple Watch. There are two singular release buttons for each end of your watch band, these help to lock your bands in place.

Simply hold down the release button and slide your original band out (either left to right or right to left). If the band doesn’t slide out, be sure you’re pressing and holding the release button down whilst you slide the band out. 

The band should easily slide out of the groove in the Apple Watch.

Repeat the previous steps for the other end of the band, until the old band has been removed completely. 



To insert your new band, firstly you need to ensure the band is not inserted “upside down”. To check this, make sure the adapter connections that have the metal middle piece are facing the under-side of your watch.

Next, simply slide the new watch band into the same strap channel or groove of the Apple Watch (prior band's position). There’s no need to hold down the release button for re-insertion, but

When the adapter is properly inserted into the groove you should hear a soft click as the watch band locks into place. If you have inserted it the “wrong side up”, the watch band will not “click” into place and is probably not attached correctly. If the band continues to slide in and out the other side of the groove, from one side to the other, this is a clear sign the watch band is not correctly installed.

Repeat the previous step until both ends of the new band for Apple Watch have been installed.

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